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Pistol Enterprises has been around in some form since 1988 when Paul "Pistol" Mpistolarides invested in his first camera a DXC3000 (remember those), while working for Lingner Group Productions. Since then, Paul formed a partnership with Tony Williams, widely regarded as one of the best shooters in Indianapolis. The name Pistol Enterprises is obviously derived from Paul's last name - Mpistolarides. The group is not a bunch of bandits with guns, although we consider our group the best "shooters" in the midwest.

We have 7 camera packages that include 4 HD cameras, 3 SD cameras, a jib, multiple wireless mics and lighting. (Click on the PDF of the equipment list for more details). Pistol Enterprises shoots features, news, run and gun reality TV, sit down interviews, live shots, live multi-cam productions, corporate videos and more. Check out more or our work by going to the Pistol Enterprises Facebook page, by clicking on the Facebook logo in the upper right of this page. While Tony has branched out into directing, Kaleb Giddens has taken on the role as chief videographer. Go to our Contact page to book a crew via Paul, Tony, or Kaleb.

(View and download the Pistol Enterprises PDF here.)